Symptoms of human infection with the 2019- nCoV

The symptoms of COVID-19 pneumonia are diverse. Fever, fatigue, and dry cough are the major symptoms while some patients may have symptoms such as nasal congestion, runny nose, and diarrhea. Severe cases often have dyspnea after one week, and severe cases get worse rapidly to acute respiratory distress syndrome, septic shock, metabolic acidosis and coagulopathy.

Asymptomatic carriers of 2019-nCoV do not get sick, and the virus is detected only in the respiratory tract. Mild patients have only a slight fever, cough, chills, and physical discomfort. Severe patients have a gradual illness by a process of exacerbation. Early symptoms, especially in first three to five days, are mainly fever, cough, and increasing fatigue. After one week, the condition gradually worsens and develops into pneumonia, or even severe pneumonia, with accelerated breathing, respiratory failure, and multiple organs injuries, etc.