Opportunities for Increasing Trade of Health-Related Products between UK and Pakistan

The COVID-I9 pandemic had significant socio- economic fallout for economies around the world. While the world is struggling to cope with the challenge, demand for PPE, notably face masks, ventilators, scrubs, face shields, and variety of medical clothing etc has raised globally as well as in UK to an extraordinary level.

Pakistan’s credentials, as a reliable supplier of textile and health related products globally, are also capable enough to meet the UK’s conformity assessment standards for PPE. Therefore all the Pakistani scientists, engineers and businessmen involved in production of medical and safety-related equipment of export quality and have got their products CE and FDA certified or in the process of acquiring these certifications can exploit the business opportunities for their PPE products in UK. This venture will prove helpful for contributing to the socio-economic sustainability and mutual economic cooperation globally.

Personal Protective Equipment (Made in Pakistan)


  • Non-woven: Body Suits/Gown (Coveralls)

  • Face Masks

  • Face Protection Equipment

  • Hospital Supplies

  • Hand Sanitizers

  • Temperature Equipment


  • Laminated Pp Suit Non-woven 70 Gsm (40 Gsm Fabric/30 Gsm Lamination)

  • Laminated Pp Suit Non-woven 90 Gsm (40 Gsm Fabric/30 Gsm Lamination)

  • Non-woven Disposable Pp Suits 60 Gsm

  • Doctor Coat Fabric

  • Patient Gown (Paramedic Staff) Blue

  • Patient Gown (Paramedic Staff) White

  • Micro Fabric Laminated Suit

  • Hospital Sheets

  • Fabric Gown for Paramedic Staff

  • 3 Ply Masks 60 Gsm

  • Cotton Masks

  • Face Goggles

  • Face Shield

  • Hand Sanitizers

  • Thermometer Contactless

Source: Ministry of Science & Technology (MoST), Government of Pakistan and High Commission for Pakistan, London, UK